Augmented Reality for Furniture stores

If you are into furniture retail (both online and offline), then our Augmented Reality application for furniture stores is an ideal way to engage customers. The customers would be able to visualise how furniture would look in their rooms, in 'real time'. This would help customers make a better decision and increase brand engagement


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Have a look here to see how it works:

Augmented Reality for Art Galleries

FlippAR's Augmented Reality platform for art galleries, helps its customers visualise art pieces on the walls of their homes and share it with their friends and family to get feedback

How does it work?

Customers download your branded application and the catalog gets downloaded on their device. The customers can then point the device to the wall they want to put the art piece on and can see how it would look. They can browse through all of art pieces and get more information on each of them

A new way to engage your customers and help them make a good buying decision

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