Augmented Reality in Tourism

Making History come alive.

The history we know is made up of 3 parts of half-asleep history classes from school, 1 part last-minute Google searches, 1 part Bollywood movies, and a sprinkle of tourist-guide fan-fictions. What if we told you we are about to change that? What if we told you that looking up history no longer needed Google? Yes, not even Google.

FlippAR uses Augmented Reality to give all the information about a tourist spot which Google would, and more… FlippAR is already set-up and running at Cubbon Park and Lalbagh in Bengaluru.

But there’s much more...

When you visit a tourist spot, you can become a part of history by tagging your memories to the space and view memories others shared during their visit, and view their words of advice and recommendation. You can also tour the city and scan buildings and travel back in time with pictures and stories of the space revealed with just a scan, like The Trail at MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Do you want us to make your city’s history come alive? Reach us here .

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