Augmented Reality for Events

We put the AR in “Party”.

We are bringing to you parties of the future. They may not have metal suits, and robot-dance moves (thank god for that, right?) but it does have a whole lotta cool.

With FlippAR the party begins with the booking/RSVP and ends… well, it never ends. Imagine this (as the organiser) - you can sell tickets and merchandise, send updates, run contests, all using just one app.

Cool, ain’t it?

Now what if we told you that you could also run entries, through this app? Or have the attendees tag and share all their memory using your logo so that you have the biggest carousal of memories from the event? (Yes, this means no more messages in Whatsapp groups reading “Guys!!! Who has the pics from last night??? Plz send.”) Be it a concert, a wedding, or any other event, make it an everlasting experience. If you wanna partayyy FlippAR style, click here.